Birth Certificate is now Mandatory for Government jobs, Driving License, Passport & Voter ID

Birth Certificate: The Central Government is going to make Birth Certificate mandatory everywhere just like Aadhar Card. The government is going to make the use of birth certificate mandatory for all educational institutions, voter lists, central and state government jobs, driving license and passport etc.

Birth certificate to be made mandatory for jobs, driving licence, passport, voting right. Union Home Ministry proposes amendment to Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969; bill likely to be tabled in winter session of parliament. The government is about to make changes in the Registration Birth and Death (RBD) Act – 1969 related to birth and death. It will be introduced in the winter session starting December 7.

Before this Attested copies of matriculation certificates or equivalent as a proof of age were good enough but due to this, it may make it mandatory to have a Valid Birth certificate if applying for Government jobs, Driving License, Passport & Voter ID.

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Things to Keep in mind while applying for Birth certificate

Date of Birth Proof of Beneficiary (Any One is mandatory)

  • Aadhaar Card,(Verified DoB),Passport,Nursing home/Hospital Report/Vaccination card Driving License,SSC from recognized board by GoI CMO / Doctor Report.
  • Certificate from School signed by Principal on School Letter Head.

How long does it take to get birth certificate in India?

Fill the form within 21 days of the birth. In case of delay, police verification will be conducted. The Municipal Authority will then verify the details and if everything is in place, the birth certificate will be issued and delivered to your address within 7-15 days.

Steps to apply for a Birth Certificate?

Step 1. Download a Birth Certificate Registration Form online through the website – or get it from the registrar’s office

Note: If a child is born in a hospital, the form is provided by the medical officer-in-charge.

Step 2. Fill in the form within 21 days of the birth of the child.

Note: The stipulated period for applying for a birth certificate is within 21 days of a child being born.

Step 3. Once the registrar verifies the birth records (date, time, place of birth, parent’s ID proof, nursing home etc.) the certificate is issued.

Where is a birth certificate required?

A birth certificate is required when a person needs to establish their age, claim social security benefits, apply for passport, obtain documents such as driving license, passport, marriage certificate, etc.

A birth certificate is also needed for admission in educational institutes and government jobs.

These rules of birth certificate will change

After the proposed changes in the Act, it will be mandatory for hospitals and medical institutions to give a copy of all death certificates giving the cause of death to the local registrar, besides the relative of the deceased. However, registration of births and deaths is already mandatory under the RBD Act 1969 and violation of the same is a punishable offence. The government is looking to improve compliance by making registration mandatory for availing basic services such as school admission and marriage registration.

Birth certificate will be necessary in all these places

The Home Ministry ‘s proposed bill to amend the RBD Act 1969 states that birth certificates issued by local registrars will be used to prove the date and place of birth of a person. Birth certificate required Admission in educational institutions, Issuance of driving license, Preparation of voter list, Registration of marriage, Central government, state government, local bodies and public sector undertakings, statutory bodies, autonomous bodies under central and state government For jobs in the bodies, for issuing passports and other matters.

Common people will be benefited

When this happens, the central data will be automatically updated in real time and no human interface will be required for this. On attaining 18 years of age, works like adding or removing names in the electoral rolls, removing names after death will be done automatically.

Will be presented in winter session

The Bill is likely to be introduced in the winter session of Parliament beginning on December 7. Many necessary changes have also been included after the advice coming from the state governments. The Legislative Department is examining the bill. After that it will be presented for the approval of the Union Cabinet. The government is trying its best to introduce the bill in the winter session of Parliament.

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