How to Retrieve forgotten GST username on GST Portal Website

If you have forgotten your GST username? Here are Easy steps on How to Retrieve forgotten GST username on GST website.

Many people have problems with their GST login id and password. They tend to forget it. Normally one has to change login user id and password after few days. People remember their first login user id and password but forget their changed login user id and password.

In some cases people got their GST registration done by an accountant or consultant or a Chartered Accountant, and consultant gives his email id and password for registration. People cannot retrieve their login credentials as they do not have access to registered email id and mobile number.

These are very panic situations and people get lot of trouble while filing GST returns.

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Forget GST Username: Note

Below mentioned steps will work only if the Registered E-mail ID and mobile number in the GST portal belongs to you. It will not work if the registered E-mail ID belongs to your CA, Accountant or any 3rd party.

If the user has forgotten the username to their GST Account, the following steps will help the user retrieve the username to their account.

Steps to Retrieve forgotten GST username:

Step 1: Visit the GST login page.
Step 2: Click on the forgot username button.

Step 3: We move to the User Credential Page. Here, we fill in the Provisional ID/GSTIN/UIN that we had previously received over the mail.
Step 4: Fill in the characters displayed in the Captcha code.
Step 5: Click on the Generate OTP button.

Step 6: We move to the OTP Verification Page. The OTP is sent to the registered e-mail address and the mobile number. Enter the OTP.
Step 7: Click on Submit.
If the OTP expires, click on the Resend OTP button to regenerate another OTP.

A message confirming the changes will be displayed. The user can now login using their new credentials.

Kindly check your registered Email ID for the username sent by the GST portal, if not received try searching them in your Spam folder. You can still try it few times – sometimes OTP is not sent by the portal due to some server glitches.