How to Reset GST Username & Password if CA/ Accountant is not giving Password or OTP

If you’re facing problems logging into GST Portal because of either wrong password or If you’ve forgotten your GST Username or maybe your Tax consultant, CA is not giving you your GST username then follow below mentioned steps to Easily Reset your GST Username and password.

If CA or Accountant is not giving GSTN userID and password and He has provided his mobile number and mail id while registration. So, Is there any possibility of changing mobile number and mail id or resetting userID and password without OTP? Well follow below mentioned steps to get your User ID and password.

In some cases people got their GST registration done by an accountant or consultant or a Chartered Accountant, and consultant gives his email id and password for registration. People cannot retrieve their login credentials as they do not have access to registered email id and mobile number.

But no worries, you can still reset your GST Username and password.

Reset GST Username & Password by your own

You can still reset your GST username & password if the registered Email and Mobile number belongs to you or your Accountant if he’s willing to tell you the OTP sent by the portal while resetting it. Follow these Steps to reset your GST username by your own.

If your Accountant, Tax consultant or CA is not giving you GST username and password he has updated his login id and password, then follow these steps:

Step 1) Visit you GST Jurisdiction Office

  1. You just have to visit your jurisdiction office in your respective District, City with your GST No. along with a formal letter stating the same, your PAN and Aadhar Card.
  2. The jurisdiction officer will provide you new user id and password. Once you will get the user id and password in you newly registered Email ID. Change your mail id and phone no.
CA/ Accountant is not giving Password
Example Letter – Reset GST username

We’ve a prefilled GST Username Reset letter for you, which you can download from below mentioned links.

  • Usually its a 5 minute procedure by the GST Jurisdiction office but it may differ from place to place, depends on the availability of the concerned officers in the GST office.
  • Once it is reset by the GST Jurisdiction Office, you’ll receive the new GST Username along with password on your E-mail & Mobile number which you provided to them in the Letter in Step 1
Format of Application Letter to the GST Jurisdiction Tax Officer


The Officer

Goods & Service Tax[Address of the Office]

Sub: Application for change of user id and password

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I, [Name of the proprietor/partner, etc.], Prop/partner of [Trade Name of the Business i.e. M/S XYZ], could not update my filling of GST, because the lawyer who had processed my registration mentioning his email id and mobile number is not responding me. Please provide user id and password in my new email id [] and mobile no [1234567890] and keep it in the record as registered for further processing.

I am also authorizing [The name of New Authorized Person] as new authorized Signatory of M/S XYZ.

Please help me as soon as possible and obliged me thereby.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,[Name of the PROPRIETOR/PARTNER]



Step 2) Check the E-mail sent by the GST Portal and Reset as per your choice

You’ll successfully get a E-mail by GST Portal after the office resets it to default username and password. Below is the example of Newly created username & Password being sent by the GST portal after resetting. It will show how look like the email you get after Successful registration.

CA/ Accountant is not giving Password
  1. Use this newly sent Username and Password to login to GST portal. Remember to login on  – First time login
  2. After logging in you’ll be asked to set Username and password as per your choice. All done
  3. First time login Link after receiving Newly generated Username and Password – Click here

If you’re facing any problem while resetting the GST username/password, feel free to comment below to get your issues resolved or any kind of help from Taxoxo team. Thanks

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